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     I just moved about 10 blocks and did it during the incredible heatwave that NorCal was having. 105-110 degree weather the entire week we moved. Ouch.  We don't own a car ... we like city life including riding public transit, so we had to rent a moving truck.  And it was only my husband and I doing the moving ... no help. 

     Why no help?  We have numerous friends, and have helped nearly all but one move ... a few of them we even helped move a couple of times and from greater distances than 10 blocks.  I asked if anyone was willing to help, and nearly all to a person said they would gladly do it. 

     Moving day started to creep up on us and all of a sudden so did the "So sorry ... can't help you move. We've got to <insert any potential excuse here>."  Let's see ... "work", "go to a doctor's appointment", "watch my kid's <baseball/soccer> game", "visit my mom who is ill", "go out of town", and the list goes on.  We counted over 32 'friends' who first said they would help but then bailed on us ... only two said right up front that they couldn't help. Those were the honest ones.

     So, we moved ourselves with my poor husband having stomach flu and my asthma acting up because of the stifling heat.  We even had to rent a motel room for a couple of days for our Jo Jo to stay in because the air conditioner was not working at our new place, and we shut off the electricity at the old.  None of the busy friends could take her in for a couple of days.

     And now we've been at our new home for a week. I checked my emails this morning and guess what? One of the 'friends' who had to have his "car detailed" so couldn't help us move asked if we are available next weekend ... wait for it ... to help him move. <sigh>

     I emailed back and told him, "So sorry ... can't help you move.  We've got to have our car detailed."

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Submitted on
July 15, 2013