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The Great Teddy Bear Mystery by JRigh The Great Teddy Bear Mystery by JRigh
Jo Jo has a small teddy bear (aka, “Teddy”) that is basically her body pillow at night … she sleeps on top him with her head  either on a small white pillow (not shown), or resting on the ledge of one the holes in her nest box … I kid you not!  So, recently when I uncovered her in the morning, I couldn’t find her beloved Teddy.  I looked all over her cage and in her nest box but couldn’t find him until my husband pointed him out sitting in plain view stuffed into a toy at the top of her cage. 

The mystery?  We haven’t a clue how a 1.72 oz. bird could tote a 2.5 oz. teddy bear out from the bottom of her nest box, manipulate it through one of the holes (the top of the box is closed at night), then up and stuffed into her toy basketball hoop with only her feet and beak … the whole journey is about 12” up of some serious climbing.  

Top Pic - Here is where we found Teddy.

Middle Pic - She somehow got him all the way up to the toy, then stuffed him into it. But he came from the bottom of her nest box – and the bottom is about 4 inches below the side hole (shown below in front of her).

Bottom Pic - And here is the perpetrator at the scene of the mystery with the thought bubble above her head saying … “You got no proof I did it.  Plus, just look at how cute I am … do I look mean enough to mistreat my own Teddy?”  lol   Enjoy the mystery!

Ookamigirl00 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014
hahaha they are crafty

the sister of my bird died the 30 th of old age sigh gonna miss her
JRigh Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014
I'm so sorry!  But she gave you great joy while she was here. :hug:
Ookamigirl00 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014
yeah she did
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