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Single Lovebird Bed by JRigh Single Lovebird Bed by JRigh
I bought a small nest box long ago for Jo Jo to sleep in.  She had just started pulling out her feathers, but after getting that box, she was nearly bald within a few days.  I spoke with my avian vet about it (she also happens to be a parrot behaviorist), and she told me that when you have a single lovebird, you have to be more careful about certain things.  One of those 'things' is what she sleeps in.  I got the regular nest box, thinking that she would be familiar with it since she likely hatched in one.  But my vet said that was a no no ... she shouldn't have anything that is dark with one hole that resembles a lovebird nest, simply because she will think she must nest and have babies.  But since she doesn't have a mate, the stress of not being able to mate and produce could cause her to pick her feathers even more ... which it did.

The solution?  My vet said to drill more holes in the box than the single one it came with ... but not too many because that would defeat the purpose of a nice warm place to sleep at night.  And she said to get one where I can open the top during the day and close it at night, which I did.

The pic above is the results, and my little birdie has never been happier at night!  I put a little piece of indoor/outdoor carpet that she used to play on in there, so it had all her own smells.  And I put all her 'boyfriends' (round, fuzzy balls that she ... ahem ... uses) in there at night with her.  At 6:00 p.m. sharp, she now flies to her cage while chattering "Nigh-night" over and over.  She actually looks forward to going to bed!  And I've spotted her on a couple mornings sleeping on top of her miniature teddy bear inside the box with her head resting on the ledge of one of the holes.  Very cute! 
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May 23, 2014
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